Pillow Case ~ AO

These are the BEST PILLOW CASES EVER! These are made from our amazingly soft FabuClassic material and I promise you, you will say good-bye to all your other pillow cases.

These pillow cases will fit queen and king as they measure 21" W x 30" L but due to the nature of the fabric they have incredible stretch and will fit a king pillowcase perfectly.

Oh, and don't forget about your FUR BABIES. Add one of these to any pillow and they make a great bed for them to relax on. Super easy to clean and way more affordable than a dog bed.


Advanced Orders can and will take up to 6-8 weeks to ORDER ~ Please watch for ship date announcement estimate before ordering. This AO is scheduled to ship early November.

When you receive your shipping information. Please hang on to it as the countdown starts from the day you receive this, well minus holidays and weekend. 

One important thing to consider before order is NOT ordering in stock items with your Advanced Order. Why? Your order will be held until the Advanced Order ships.

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