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Choose from our beautifully created leggings designed just for you. These leggings are made with a special fabric blend that gives you a perfect fit and feel. Our specially designed, 360 degree stretch fabric moves effortlessly with your body and allows just the right breathing room to be worn for all activities. 

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Adult Sizing:
Tween fits 0
Small fits 4-6
Medium fits 8-10
Large fits 12-20
X-Large fits 22-26

XX-Large fits 28+

SALE ITEMS: Sale priced leggings can not be returned for any reason. Due to the volume of each sale, please allow an additional 5 business days for you package to process and ship.

All $4.50 FabuLegs may or may not have a 1-2 inch difference in length that you are normally use to. For this reason they are being sold as $4.50 and can not be returned for any reason other than a manufacturers seam defect.




I received our April Patterns today and I have to say that I am not 100% happy with the quality. As you can see below they are super adorable and appear to fit amazing. The problem is there is no consistency from one pair to the next AND they just fit different. I personally believe it is the fabric blend.

So because of this all April Leggings in sizes S, M, L and XL will be $8 until they are sold out. I am apologizing in advance for things selling out so fast.

I have already talked with the manufacturer and he has assured me that our May Patterns have already been produced in house by him and we will be 100% back to normal. Actually, all the March PreOrders that we just shipped were done by him and they are perfect. Apparently I misunderstood when he said April is all set. He meant April PreOrders are all set. Either way I LOVE our March/April PreOrders. They are amazing. It very safe to say that we are at the end of this nightmare.