A Gift of Kindness

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The Gift of Kindness, Hope, Understanding, Empathy, Compassion and Giving is something we do here at FabuLegs everyday. Well, we try to. 

This season we are opening this GIFT of GIVING and want our FabuLegs Community to take part in this.

So many have asked how they can help and this is our plan for this Christmas/Holiday season. 

Each purchase of $5 will allow us to donate one pair of leggings, pillow cases, tunics, kids leggings, capris etc. to a women's shelter throughout the US. Remember I have an awesome list from you all. $1 from each pair will get collected to use towards Gift Cards so moms can purchase things they needs for their kids who may also be in the shelter with them or maybe they just need the basics for them selves. 

Our group is amazing and I know we can continue to do great things for so many.

No ACT of GIVING is to small.