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Koala FabuLegs Update ~ This is LONG but read if your interested in helping.

First up, thank you to ALL for pushing me to do this.

I honestly can’t look at any images anymore of these little guys because it makes physically sick and rids me with anxiety. My boys keep watching and getting upset and then in turn try to make we watch. I had to tell them to STOP watching it. They refuse.

I just can’t imagine what life is like for these animals out there, so alone and scared. Have you seen the one with the monkey running into a rescuers arms. I can’t even show it, it is so sad. The monkeys screams are still my head. So below is my plan. If its true 1B animals have passed on in Australia. Can anyone confirm this?

I am a big believer in giving and giving and giving. My mantra is, “what you give is what you receive”. I say this all the time to my kids and myself. When I first started FabuLegs, I use to LOVE to donate back with money BUT what I am learning is that it does not always get used correctly or it goes into the wrong hands. Or even worse a larger portion of your dollar donated goes to the top of the company. I am NOT a fan of this.

And to be honest I am so turned off by other companies saying they are giving “all proceeds” to charities that I just don’t want to be a part of that. Especially in the leggings world. When FabuLegs donates we donate to HELP with our heart not to earn an extra buck off your kindness. I am sorry to say this but I have been wanting to for a while because so many do ask why don’t we give back as much anymore. It just taints the act of helping.


Lately, I prefer to give back with an actual product. Like a buddy bench/school supplies or leggings. And most recently FabuPillow Cases, which FYI I have 500 I still need to send out to the hospitals. To me these are immediate and they help quickly.


Koalas can not use a Buddy Bench or leggings.


WE are going to adopt Koalas. See link below. I’ll be honest. This is happening fast I am going with my gut instinct on this organization.

The plan is we will have both patterns in LEGGINGS and PILLOWCASES. It is a preorder which allows us to use the funds immediately and not have to wait until March.

I would like to offer them $1-$2 per product purchased but it all depends on my being able to cover my expenses so the more we sell the better.

Pricing is the same.

~ There is no need to UP the price on anything. I am producing, you are buying, WE are donating. Makes sense? ~

We will be donating to the Koala Hospital

Okay 🙏 for Australia and lots of ❤️ to our Australian friends.